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Sandvik is a global, high-tech engineering group providing solutions that enhance productivity, profitability and sustainability for the manufacturing, mining and infrastructure industries.

In 2021, the group had approximately 39,000 employees, sales in more than 150 countries and revenues of about SEK 86 billion (7.93 Billion USD) within continuing operations.

They leverage their unique expertise in materials technology, extensive knowledge about industrial processes and close customer cooperation. This combination, coupled with continuous investments in research and development (R&D), has enabled them to achieve world-leading positions in

  • Tools and tooling systems for industrial metal cutting
  • Equipment and tools, service and technical solutions for the mining and construction industries
  • Advanced stainless steels and special alloys as well as products for industrial heating


Sandvik stands as a global powerhouse in the realms of engineering, deploying cutting-edge solutions that not only bolster productivity and profitability but also champion sustainability across the manufacturing, mining, and infrastructure sectors.

This high-tech conglomerate boasted an impressive workforce of approximately 39,000 individuals in 2021, showcasing its expansive reach with sales spanning over 150 countries. Their revenue within continuing operations clocked in at about SEK 86 billion (equivalent to 7.93 Billion USD), underscoring their substantial financial influence.

The crux of Sandvik’s success lies in its trifecta of strengths: their unparalleled mastery in materials technology, profound understanding of industrial processes, and a steadfast commitment to collaborative partnerships with their clientele. This potent blend, further amplified by relentless investments in research and development (R&D), has been instrumental in securing their preeminent positions across various domains:

  1. Tools and tooling systems for industrial metal cutting, setting benchmarks in precision and efficiency.
  2. Offering a gamut of equipment, tools, services, and ingenious technical solutions tailored specifically for the demanding needs of the mining and construction industries.
  3. Pioneering the development of advanced stainless steels, special alloys, and an array of products designed for industrial heating, thereby revolutionizing the landscape of these sectors.

Sandvik’s relentless pursuit of innovation and unwavering dedication to fostering sustainable practices cements its standing as a frontrunner, perpetually shaping the future of engineering and industrial solutions.