The Supermask- N95 Livinguard mask


Introducing the Livinguard Face Mask which has been proven through scientific research to destroy >99.99% of Human Coronavirus 229E.Tests recently completed at the University of Arizona, have shown that >99% of Human coronavirus 229E coming into contact with Livinguard treated textiles are destroyed. The Livinguard face mask is a multi-barrier system composed of three separate filtration layers. When used in combination, the Livinguard multi-barrier face mask provides protection of >99.99%. This protection is sustained through multiple uses and washes.


Product description

  • Coronavirus protection – Destroys >99.99% of Human Coronavirus 229E as per ISO 18184 protocol
  • Washable and reusable – use daily for 6 months with no compromise on efficacy
  • Kind to skin and the environment – Free of metals and does not leach
  • Cost-saving – Replaces 210 conventional masks
  • Protection against other viruses and bacteria – Destroys upon contact
  • High-performance filtration – Filters >95% of particles between 0.3 and 2.5 microns