G Gun – Grease Bucket Pump

 25,000  20,000


Product description

The two stage pump is activated by pushing down on the foot treadle. The Pressure Return Valve is activated by hooking up the foot treadle, releasing all the pressure in the hose, back into the grease bucket.

  • No more decoupling with pressure in the hose. Extends grease coupler and Zerk fitting lifespan.
  • Returns grease in the hose, back into grease bucket canister.
  • Makes for easy, pressure free disconnection.
  • Two stage pump recovers from airlocks in the grease. No more clearing airlocks.
  • Saves grease, as the grease is returned to the grease bucket.
  • Eliminates Dribble and Mess on the coupler tip. A clean disconnect.


  • All moving parts submerged and lubricated by the grease, lasts a lifetime.
  • Large canister allows regular greasing without endless refilling.
  • Pressure return valve and standard G Coupler grease coupler prevents grease wastage, saving you on grease costs.
  • Moving parts create wave action in grease, thus no messy follower plate required.
  • No troublesome seals to replace – any bypass which may develop, simply returns to the canister.
  • Clip-on lid keeps rain and dust out.
  • Carry handle hinges away for easy filling.
  • Balanced and easily portable.
  • No external power required. No flat batteries or costly replacement batteries required.

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Grease Coupler Product Comparison Chart

Heavy Duty Lever Operated Battery Operated Air Powered (Pneumatic) G.Gun
Lever Action Grease Gun battery-grease-gun pneumatic-gun grease-gun-small
Max pressure From 241 bar/3,500 psi to 1,034 bar/15,000 psi From 414 bar/6,000 psi to 690 bar/10,000 psi From 82 bar/1,200 psi to 517 bar/7,500 psi up to 690 bar/10,000 psi
Qty grease pumped per stroke 0.09oz/2.7ml per stroke Variable Variable 0.09oz/2.7ml per stroke
Qty grease in canister 16oz/0.45kg 16oz/0.45kg Typically 16oz/0.45kg 176-282oz/5-8kg
Standard hose length 1ft/0.3m up to 4ft/1.2m Depends on model 6.5ft/2m
Operation Hand pump Hand (rechargeable battery) Hand (air pressure) Hand or Foot pump
Hands-free operation No No No Yes
Prevents air locks in grease No No No Yes
Pressure return valve No No No Yes
Priming required Yes Yes Yes On first use only
Follower plate/plunger required Yes Yes Yes No