3M 6000 Combo (6200 Half Mask Respirator With 6003 Cartridge) 

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Product description


  • 6200 Half Mask Respirators are the masks which are designed in this polluting environment to safeguard the user from inhaling any harmful dusts, gases, vapors or fumes which can be harmful. They help the user to stay away from germs which can cause diseases. They are fitted with Cartridge and pre filter grey which aids the user to be able to breathe clean air devoid of all contaminants.
  •  3M is one of the world’s largest organizations which has ventured and contributed in bounties towards employee care and environment friendly products. They are a manufacturer of all those products which have a great impact on our everyday life. They have served the people with choices that makes their life easier and convenient.


  • This makes the product more convenient and durable.
  • The low profile design of the respirator allows the user a wide field of vision.
  • It is a product which combines the comfort and convenience of the users.
  • It is equipped with elastomeric face seal which provides the user with long lasting comfort and enables the user to reuse it again and again.
  • The material used in half mask respirator is quite comfortable and soft. It is also light in weight and is equipped with easy to adjust head straps.

Type – Half Respirator
Sub Type – With Cartridge and Prefilter
Harness – 4 point
Size – Medium
Face Seal – Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Inhalation valve – Polyisoprene
Exhalation Valve – Silicone Rubber
Straps – Polyester / cotton / Polyisoprene
Head Cradle – Polyethylene
Connection – Bayonet
Standards –  EN 140:1998
Recommended – Industry Transportation,? Construction,? Mining,? Oil & Gas,? General Manufacturing
Color – Grey