Mobil™ industrial lubricants — whether mineral or synthetic oil-based — are developed by working closely with leading equipment builders. Mobil engineers gain deep insights into equipment trends and lubrication requirements to guide our lubricant researchers and formulators in designing highly effective lubricants — providing the exceptional and balanced performance required for today’s industrial equipment.

Our industrial oils and greases are specially formulated to:

Protect your equipment

Enable problem-free operation in high or low temperatures, wet environments and under high loads

Provide longer lubrication intervals

Available in a range of viscosity and NLGI penetration grades to offer you the right choice for your application, Mobil industrial lubricants can help you enhance performance, reduce cost and waste, and improve industrial productivity.

Mobil is Leading a Brand in- 

  • Hydraulic oils
  • Gear Oils
  • Cutting Oils
  • Synthetic Oils & Greases
  • High Temperature Bearing grease
  • Multipurpose Grease
  • General Purpose Grease
  • Compressor Oils
  • Electric Motor greases
  • Slide way Oils
  • Spindle Oils
  • Food Grade Oils & Greases