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Shirodkar Preci Comp Supports Flood Relief Activities

When a calamity strikes, especially in our own surroundings, we at Shirodkar Preci Comp stand united and strive to offer the best help we can offer.

Shirodkar Preci Comp is a leader in the precision machining industry and supplies mechanical components to clients all over the world. We serve industries such as Oil and Gas, Defence, Aerospace, Flow Control and Measurement, Food and Dairy Equipment, Electromechanical Equipment, and Hydraulics.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an extension of our company culture and as such a very crucial part of our commitment to the stakeholders. We believe in staying accountable to the society we live and work in. Any disruptions in the community and the environment call for our attention and we at Shirodkar Preci Comp always ensure our assistance to the best of our ability.

Sudden Catastrophe

Recently, a few neighboring districts suffered huge losses in terms of farmlands, homes, cattle, other businesses, and above all lives and life-long savings owing to colossal floods. The floodwaters receded leaving in its wake a trail of devastation. It was a truly heart-wrenching sight. Many government and non-government organizations got to work immediately trying to raise as many funds as possible as donations for the flood relief campaign. One of them was the Sakal Relief Fund.


In the face of such loss, we partnered with Sakal Relief Fund and urgently set up a 6 member team to work towards employee motivation and contribution to the flood relief funds and associated work. Within a matter of 2 days, we were able to raise a sizable sum for donation. Such was the level of engagement by our employees.Employees were requested to donate an amount as per their own discretion but preferably a day’s worth of salary. Our leadership led by example, and completely moved by their benevolence, the employees were inspired to donate even more than expected! The fundraiser campaign was successful in collecting a huge sum.

Today, the flood-affected areas have recovered and are on the road to habitation owing to the empathetic gestures of such people and organizations. Shirodkar Preci Comp has mindfully created a culture of empathy that makes it easier to bring together everyone in the Shirodkar Preci Comp family in support of a cause and in unity we strive to impact the world positively.

Contributing Towards a Brighter Future

Children are the future of the world and Shirodkar Preci Comp contributes towards the well-being of the less fortunate children.

Shirodkar Preci Comp is a world-class mechanical precision components manufacturer with clients across the globe. The focal point of our core values and strategy are our customers and we endeavor to always exceed their expectations which have earned us the privilege of being the most sought after suppliers of precision components in the industry.

We take our social responsibility as seriously as our commitment to our customers. Ethics and integrity being an intricate part of our culture, we encourage our family to participate and contribute towards the betterment of our community and society at large.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team

As part of our social consciousness, we believe in looking around closer to home and identifying prospects that need aid. One such organization that came into our line of focus was an orphanage for girls called ‘Sampark’. We have a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee that investigates such organizations to ascertain their authenticity and determine the kind of aid needed by them and submits a detailed report to the top management.

Strengthening the Future of Orphans

We were impressed by the work of ‘Sampark’ with respect to living conditions at the orphanage, the committed staff, educational initiatives for the children, and above all the smiles on the faces of each one of the residing children. Our team managed to determine the pain points of the institute which clearly indicated a few insufficiencies in terms of adequate stationaries for homeschooling, qualified teachers for older children, and the need for nourishing food that they tend to run short of quite frequently.

Children being our future, we strongly believe that each child should get sufficient physical and mental nourishment, irrespective of their situation. Shirodkar Preci Comp is committed to bringing a certain level of sufficiency in the lives of such children so that they grow and develop a positive attitude towards life and the world.

Our Commitment

In order to encourage their sense of dignity and satisfaction, we organized a visit for them, to our plant on the occasion of a festival called Rakshabandhan wherein they could sell handcrafted rakhis (wrist bands) and rightfully earn a little fund for their institute. All our employees enthusiastically participated in the sale and the bands were sold out within a few minutes of their arrival!

We also hosted a small program to celebrate their visit with good food, lots of interaction with our employees, and genuine praises were showered upon their talent for handcrafting the lovely wristbands. The girls also showcased their talents in singing and recitation which was truly entertaining. As a token of our commitment and appreciation for their work, we also donated a sum as financial aid to ease their struggles.

Shirodkar Preci Comp stands tall in its attempts to give back to the community and considers it a duty rather than mere assistance that it provides on a regular basis. When we become the reason to spread joy, it becomes a huge incentive for all of us to look forward to more such acts of giving.

Spreading the Light of Happiness

Shirodkar Preci Comp is a company which harbors a culture of integrity and positivity that overflows outside the confines of the organization.

Shirodkar Preci Comp (SPC) is more than a decade old company which has gradually climbed the ladder of success and today is the first choice of clients looking for world-class precision machine components across the globe. Our products are used in sectors of industry like Oil and Gas, Defence, Aerospace, Flow Control and Measurement, Food and Dairy Equipment, Electromechanical Equipment, and Hydraulics.

Akshay Patra
Art of Leaving
Exploring Ways to Spread Happiness

India is a country of festivals owing to its vast diverse cultures. When the whole nation celebrates a festival, Shirodkar Preci Comp strives to extend our celebrations to all whose circumstances do not allow the opportunity of the most basic celebrations in life.

An Invitation to Celebrate Together

On the occasion of the Indian festival of lights known as ‘Diwali’, we decided to celebrate the true essence of the festival by collaborating with ‘Suyash Foundation’ – an institute for differently-abled children to bring in the joy of celebration into their lives and consequently the lives of all who participate in it.


We hosted a celebration for all our employees and especially the guests for the day – the lovely children who were overjoyed to be the focus of all festivities and thoroughly enjoyed it. As a token of our love and appreciation for our hard-working employees, Shirodkar Preci Comp procured beautiful festival lamps called – ‘diyas’ handcrafted by the lovely children and gifted each employee on the occasion of Diwali.

Our Commitment

We are committed to not just support the economic development of our stakeholders but also to improve the quality of life of our workforce and that of the community at large. Such celebrations serve our aim of spreading happiness among our workforce and community and also extending financial aid to the foundation.

Employee Engagement

All our activities directed towards social causes are our attempt at strengthening the well-being and development of the community we serve while promoting a sense of bonding, shared values, and engagement among our employee family. Shirodkar Preci Comp expects its workforce to always stand united and work towards the prosperity of the community in which they reside eventually influencing the world through these small acts of kindness.

We aim to achieve productivity with integrity and in alignment with the social and environmental concerns with the help of our stakeholders. We strongly believe that a company should take along its community in its journey towards success and that is how it felt while celebrating the occasion with the specially-abled children from ‘Suyash Foundation’.