Table of Contents:

  •         Introduction
  •         Our Humble Beginnings
  •         Building Enduring Partnerships
  •         Diversification and Unwavering Recognition
  •         Adapting to Change with Foresight
  •         A Robust Brand Portfolio
  •         Recognizing Achievements
  •         Conclusion
  •         Faqs


Embark on a compelling journey through the evolution of Sanjay Tools & Accessories Private Limited, characterized by resilience, expansion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence within the industrial distribution landscape. This narrative traverses our history, enduring partnerships, strategic forays into diversification, and a pragmatic vision that propels us toward a promising future.

Our Humble Beginnings:

In the modest year of 1983, Mr. P S Shirodkar laid the cornerstone of Sanjay Tools with a meager investment of Rs. 20,000. A pivotal turn occurred in 1993 when Mr. Sanjay P Shirodkar joined the enterprise, steering us towards an association with Sandvik. This marked the decisive shift from general trading to value selling, setting the foundation for our journey to becoming the foremost distributor for Sandvik.

Building Enduring Partnerships:

Central to our enduring success are the formidable partnerships we’ve cultivated over the years. In 2007, we strategically aligned forces with 3M, a global conglomerate distinguished for excellence across various industries. Our commitment to quality was further affirmed by representing Exxon Mobil in 2008, an association recognized with the prestigious Circle of Excellence Award.

Our brand portfolio includes:

  •         3M
  •         Exxon Mobil
  •         Graco
  •         Hitachi Koki
  •         Dynabrade
  •         Sandvik
  •         Kaeser
  •         Eazycut
  •         Airpipe
  •         Gurtech
  •         Hove      

These partnerships underscore our dedication to delivering top-notch products and solutions across a diverse range of industrial needs.

Recognizing Achievements:

1995: Became the Best Distributor for Sandvik

2008 & 2018: Received the Circle of Excellence Award from Exxon Mobil

2019: Won the ISMC Global Award from 3M 

Diversification and Unwavering Recognition:

In 2012, recognizing the evolving needs of the market, Sanjay Tools strategically diversified its product offerings by aligning with KAESER, a distinguished German company specializing in compressed air and vacuum products. This strategic move not only expanded our product range but also positioned us as a comprehensive solution provider in the industrial domain.

The significant recognition in 2019 came in the form of the ISMC Global Award from 3M. This prestigious acknowledgment affirmed our commitment to excellence and marked our emergence as a key player on the global stage. It validated the effectiveness of our diversification strategy and solidified our standing in the competitive industrial landscape. 

Adapting to Change with Foresight:

Anticipating the shifting tides of the market, Sanjay Tools demonstrated foresight by embracing e-commerce in 2017. The launch of our online sales portal was a strategic response to the growing demands of both B2B and B2C segments. This move not only streamlined our distribution channels but also enhanced accessibility for our diverse clientele.

Committed to staying ahead of the curve, we implemented Zoho CRM in 2020. This technology-driven initiative aimed at optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction. The seamless integration of Zoho CRM into our operations underscored our dedication to providing a smooth and responsive experience for our valued customers.

A Robust Brand Portfolio:

Our commitment to delivering top-performing products is exemplified through our robust brand portfolio. From essential oils, greases, and lubricants to precision inserts, cutting tools, abrasives, safety products, and adhesives, our diverse range caters to a wide spectrum of industrial needs. Additionally, our offering extends to compressors, oiling and greasing equipment, ensuring a comprehensive solution for our clients.This extensive lineup is a testament to our commitment to quality and performance, ensuring that our clients receive nothing short of excellence across various industrial domains.


In summary, Sanjaytools’ approach to diversification, adaptation, and brand portfolio management reflects a strategic mindset aimed at meeting the dynamic needs of the industrial sector while maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What sets SanjayTools apart in the industrial distribution landscape?

– Our legacy is defined by resilience, enduring partnerships, and a commitment to delivering top-performing industrial products across diverse sectors.

  1. How did SanjayTools begin its journey in 1983, and what was the pivotal moment in its history?

– Founded by Mr. P S Shirodkar with a modest Rs. 20,000, the pivotal moment occurred in 1993 when Mr. Sanjay P Shirodkar joined, steering the company towards an association with Sandvik.

  1. Can you elaborate on the enduring partnerships mentioned, particularly with 3M and Exxon Mobil?

– Our strategic alignment with 3M in 2007 and representation of Exxon Mobil since 2008 highlights our commitment to excellence, recognized by the Circle of Excellence Awards.

  1. What brands make up SanjayTools’ robust portfolio, and how do these partnerships benefit clients?

– Our portfolio includes 3M, Exxon Mobil, Graco, Hitachi Koki, Dynabrade, Sandvik, Kaeser, Eazycut, Airpipe, Gurtech, and Hove. These partnerships ensure clients receive high-performing, quality products across various industrial needs.

  1. How did SanjayTools adapt to market changes, particularly in the realm of e-commerce?

– Adapting to the dynamic market, we embraced e-commerce in 2017 with an online portal catering to both B2B and B2C segments, streamlining distribution channels for enhanced accessibility.

  1. Tell us more about SanjayTools’ diversification strategy and its impact on global recognition.

– In 2012, we strategically diversified by representing KAESER, earning global recognition in 2019 with the ISMC Global Award from 3M, solidifying our standing as a key global player.

  1. How does SanjayTools ensure operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, as mentioned with Zoho CRM implementation?

– The implementation of Zoho CRM in 2020 underscores our commitment to operational efficiency, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience for our valued customers.

  1. What specific achievements has SanjayTools received over the years?

– Notable achievements include becoming the Best Distributor for Sandvik in 1995 and receiving the Circle of Excellence Award from Exxon Mobil in 2008 and 2018, along with the ISMC Global Award from 3M in 2019.

  1. What products does SanjayTools offer in its extensive range, and how does it cater to diverse industrial needs?

– Our product range spans oils, greases, lubricants, inserts, tools, cutters, abrasives, safety products, tapes & adhesives, compressors, oiling & greasing equipment, catering comprehensively to industrial requirements.

  1. How does SanjayTools envision its future in the industrial distribution domain?

– We continue to grow and add milestones, with a focus on fueling business growth, maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality, and anticipating a future marked by continued success in industrial excellence.