Matting Solutions under 3M

We have added Innovative Matting Products from 3M that protects floors and carpets in the premises from dirt and debris. Products from the Matting Solutions portfolio offer a combination of safety, quality and durability with a truly vast range of colors, shapes and sizes that are suitable forany décor and level of traffic.
3M Matting Products are cost effective and find use in diverse locations like Hotels, Corporate Offices, Industrial Establishments, Shopping Malls and Hospitals.

A Nomad™ entrance matting system helps provide:

  • Superior floor appearance
  • Cleaner Floors
  • Easier maintenance
  • Safer floors

3M™ Nomad™ Entrance Matting System combines four technologies to effectively prevent dirt. They

  • 3M Nomad Terra Z-web
  • 3M Nomad Terra Loop
  • 3M Nomad Aqua
  • 3M Nomad Modular Extra Heavy Duty Matting
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Sanjay Tools Enters the World of IoT

Sanjay Tools is now the channel partner for Infinite Uptime, a company that attempts to ‘make it easy to get into Industry 4.0′. The organization provides intelligent turnkey IoT solutions rooted on a dual inter-communicative platform of edge & cloud computing. Infinite Uptime delivers a ‘plug & play’ Industrial IoT platform with data-driven solutions predominantly for engineering, OEMs, and processing industries. A blend of predictive, operative, and test rigs capabilities, the company’s products IDE & IDAP, designate Infinite Uptime’s IoT services. Operative maintenance monitors and characterizes industrial equipment in terms of parameters, while its predictive counterpart predicts impending failures in the same. The IDE- Industrial Data Enabler – is a battery-powered, non-invasive, multi-sensor computing system with communication protocols that magnetically fits, just like stethoscope, onto any proffers an industry-certified edge computing platform for real time machine assessment grounded on equipment’s motion, vibration, velocity and acceleration, displacement, frequency spectra, pressure, temperature, noise, and GPS location. IDE seamlessly interconnects with the IDAP, Industrial Data Analytics Platform, facilitating a two-layer communication of computing & analytics. IDAP serves as the feasible cloud equivalent that incorporates unique pattern recognition technology for operative & productive maintenance. In addition, it blends diverse functionalities related to OEE improvements, trend analysis, dashboarding, and ISO reporting along with multi sensor function capacities.
A ripple of innovation in the expanse of automation and data exchange industry technologies is expected in coming future.

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